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Up Closet and Personal #2 – Gab Dillon from Back Here!

Photo: Michael French

This week we speak with South Coast local, Gab Dillon! Gab has a fantastic eye for vintage pieces for the ingenue in us all, not to mention amazing hand-sewing skills herself. Her patchwork smocks are the perfect mix of town & country, and are clearly a labour of love. She owns vintage and hand sewn clothing label, Back Here, which she’s returning to this July after being on maternity leave. You can follow her on Insta @_backhere and buy her vintage pieces, stunning hand embroidered knits and patchwork dresses through her Etsy store.

Favourite place to shop


Online or instore shopping?
Instore shopping (basically just op shops for me) but online for some very specific things. 

Last vintage purchase?

A really handsome brown fine wool suit from Etsy seller yarn yarns

The one that got away…

Too many things! When I first started selling vintage I thrifted a ‘70s orange and brown paisley blouse and hot pants set. It was incredible, sold it for a steal and should’ve kept it for myself, but I thought at the time the pants were too cheeky to wear out of the house. I don’t feel that way anymore and wanna wear short shorts again.

Do you collect anything?
Fabric and boots. I’m a keen sewer, so there are piles of fabric all over the house, squirrelled away in places. I’m never gonna get around to using them all but they’re nice to have.

Style icon?

Oh so many! Late ‘60s Michelle Phillips, ‘70s Charlotte Rampling (pictured below London, 1968), and now, Benjamin Clementine (pictured below [New York Times, 2016 photograph by Craig McDean]), Subrina Heyink and my partner Frenchy.


What film can you watch over and over?
Love Story. I watch it as much for the story as Ali Macgraw’s clothes. I love her. 

Last book you couldn’t put down?
I don’t get to read as much these days with two babies, but I recently read The Panic Years by Nell Frizzell. She made me feel a lot about parenthood and ambition, life and desire.

Words to live by…
The very popular one ‘how we spend our days is of course how we spend our lives’ – Annie Dillard.
Photo: Michael French