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Up Closet and Personal #4 – Rachel Lynch from GirlGoneRetro!

Rachel Lynch from GirlGoneRetro
Photo supplied by Rachel Lynch


This week’s guest needs no introduction! For anyone selling vintage wares on the ‘gram, somewhere early in the piece you are bound to stumble upon Rachel Lynch aka the owner of GirlGoneRetro  and founder of the reseller Facebook group Thrifty Bish-Secondhand Sellers. Always honest in detailing the highs and lows of thrifting and selling, Rache is a great support to our little community. Luckily for us, she had a little bit of spare time – in between secret eating KFC in her car and shit talking on her personal instagram @mygirlrache – and agreed to take part in Up Closet and Personal #4!

Favourite place to shop?
Any deli or asian grocer lol. My fave ‘in person’ shopping is for definitely for specialty foods. Finding epic cheeses or new chilli sauces literally froths me up!
For in store vintage shopping I can’t go past @loopistyle_circular_wardrobe which is a vintage store at the New Farm Antique Centre in Brissie. The owner Kat, has sooooo many fricken gems I die, that queen knows colour and vintage!

Online or in store shopping?
Online for me – for GirlGoneRetro and for personal items! I source a lot of our stock online as it’s way more efficient to buy bulk  vintage than to hit up op shops but obviously I still crave the thrill of the thrift so I do that VERY regularly.
For non-secondhand items I go with online because I find big shopping centres super overwhelming. I have to be in the right mood for a real shop.

Last vintage purchase?
For myself it would be the perfect longline 80s black blazer that has been on my wish list for ages. The buttons on it were tragic so I up-levelled it with some gold hardware and now its bloody perf!
It’s weird because GirlGoneRetro is full of colour and wacky styles but my personal style is sooo not that. It’s very grunge, boyish, outdoorsy kinda vibes so my personal vintage is pretty safe.

The one that got away…
Honestly at this point I have so many pieces of vintage that I have sold that I think about and semi regret moving on. The most heart wrenching one is still this Silver Lurex 3 Piece set (pictured below) that rocked my world. Longline jacket, booty shorts and flares…. CAN YOU EVEN?!


Do you collect anything?
I have a Teva (outdoors sandal) obsession, it’s gotten weird. I have 6 pairs now and the last pair was actually gifted to me by Teva probably because I pester them so much with tags on Instagram. But yes… I absolutely adore those dorky, velcro strapped sandals. 

Style icon?
I don’t follow anyone religiously to be inspired by their fashion because I’m really settled on my style but I can 100% froth over some of the looks served by Hailey Bieber, Maxine Wylde and Tegan Phillipa.

Tegan Phillipa
Maxine Wylde



















What film can you watch over and over?
I’m a huge fan of dumb comedy, it’s my go to repeat watch. I bloody love StepBrothers and The Other Guys.
What can I say, I’m a basic bitch haha!

Last book you couldn’t put down?
Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. Everyone should read this. It’s incredibly impactful and beautiful.

Words to live by…‘Why do tomorrow, what you can do today?’
I have been hitting this one hard lately because I am a huge procrastinator and repeating this often has got me into a habit of just doing the damned thing!